Our HSE and Quality Policy

Quality Policy

  • STREAMLINE, dedicated to technical competence and motivated by customer satisfaction, regards Quality, in all its aspects, as a prerequisite to its existence.
  • STREAMLINE is committed to conducting its operations in accordance with the company philosophy, the appropriate codes and standards, established working practices and procedures and the needs of customers. Quality objectives are established at all relevant levels and functions in the company.
  • STREAMLINE is committed to providing the required resources for implementation of the Quality Management Systems and the achievement of Quality objectives. These objectives are monitored and reviewed periodically for continual improvement.
  • All STREAMLINE personnel will therefore, in the course of their work, maintain a close scrutiny on all matters relating to Quality, be aware of the Quality objectives and targets, and the routes to achieving them.

HSE Policy

  • STREAMLINE places Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) issues at the forefront and integral to all its activities. All personnel working for and on behalf of STREAMLINE must be aware of the HSE Policy and their HSE roles and responsibilities.
  • STREAMLINE, therefore, has a commitment to conducting its operations in accordance with responsible working practices and procedures, taking into account the health and safety of its own personnel, the health and safety of customers, sub-contractors, suppliers and all others who may be affected by its work, the prevention of harm and ill health, the absolute respect due to the environment in all its diverse forms, the prevention of pollution, the promotion of green initiatives and total regard for the laws and statutes of the country.
  • STREAMLINE shall conduct  activities in a manner designed to identify hazards and mitigate HSE risks to a level  which is As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP).
  • STREAMLINE personnel will, therefore, be vigilant in all matters relating to HSE, be aware of the HSE objectives and targets and the routes to achieving them and be committed to continual improvement of HSE standards and practices in the course of their work.