Electrical Equipment


Streamline is one of the leading panel builders in Pakistan and wants to support our customers with all kind of customized panel solutions. With the customer in focus we cooperate with; Installers, Power Plants, OEM clients and Machine builders.

o LT Switchgear
o Synchronization Panel (Utility & Genset)
o Auto Mains Failure Panels
o Power Panels
o Bus Coupling Panels
o Auto Transfer System Panels
o Power Factor Improvement Panels
o Lighting Distribution Boards
o Distribution Boards
o PLC Panels
o Cable Trays & Ladders


 Solar System

 Generators

 D.C & A.C UPS System and Batteries

D.C & A.C UPS System and Batteries for Oil& Gas, Utilities, Telecom and Commercial applications. Application Engineering, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning, after sales service and replacement works related to the Industrial AC & DC UPS Systems and all kind of Industrial Batteries. We supply Erskine make battery and charger system. Also, we do customized design of chargers and associated automation panels for special applications.

We deal with the following products: -
o Batteries
o Lead acid batteries
o Battery chargers
o UPS for industrial applications and commercial Application
o Central battery emergency lighting systems
o SMPS power plants with battery systems for telecom application