Electrical Services


 Electrification Works

 Testing & Commissioning of Electrical Substation

Our company offers premium quality service for electrical testing and commissioning by maintaining highly skilled and experienced engineers, approved by required local authorities. We have sophisticated electrical testing equipments and crew of expert technicians to carry out testing of following equipments :-

Power and Distribution Transformer upto 400kV.
Switchgears (conventional and GIS type upto 220kV).
Main and backup protective relays for transformers, switchgears, cables etc.
Control & protection panels of all voltage levels.
Protection study and relay setting co-ordination.
Motor, Generator, Capacitor Bank, NER.
Power Quality / Harmonic Analysis.
Power Cables upto 33KV including VLF Testing
AC/ DC UPS systems, Battery Chargers and Industrial Batteries
Fiber optical cables and associated network jobs.

 Substation Installation Works

We undertake the installation of HV and EHV substation from 11kV to 400kV. We have trained engineers, supervisors and skilled technicians to undertake the installation works including cabling and termination with the help of sophisticated tools and equipments.

We carry out following jobs :-
Erection of Power & Distribution Transformers up to 400 kV.
Erection of Switchgears ,Control ,Protection Panels up to 220 kV
Earthing & Lightning Protection System Installation
Erection of Isolated Phase Bus Duct

 HV & LV Cable Laying, Cable Jointing & Cable Termination works up to 33 kV

Our expert personnel arrange varied permissions from appropriate authorities as required before commencement of Cable works. We have cable jointers approved by the local authoritative bodies to do the job. The cable laying is carried out with the help of suitable winches, cable trailors and rollers of adequate capacity.

 Cable Fault Identification

Occurrence of cable fault cannot be avoided due to many factors. Long outage of cable from service results in heavy loss of revenue to the power distribution company, production loss to industries as well as unpleasant condition to general public. We have an efficient equipment, Surge Wave Tester(SWT) which is capable of locating the fault in minimum possible time and restoring the supply. We have found out numerous short circuit and open circuit faults at both HV and LV voltage level. The main advantage of our equipment is that, along with our skilled technician, it can exactly pinpoint the fault distance using the “thumper” method, not just the approximate fault distance.

 Building Services and Industrial works

We have vast experience in the design and engineering, coordination, execution and installation of all types of low voltage and high voltage electrical equipment upto 400kV. We have a qualified and experienced design team who prepare shop drawings based on the standards as per ADDC / DEWA regulations in a cost-effective manner and obtain the required approvals.
Electromechanical works of Domestic, Industrial and Commercial Type of Buildings:
Executing all kind of MEP Works including design, supply and installation of Cable Trays, conducting (GI & PVC), Building wiring, MDB, SMDB, MCC, Capacitor Panels, Bus Duct, Light Fitting, Street Light Fittings and Fire Alarms.


o Energy Consumption Monitoring
o Energy Management


o Synchronization Services
o PLC Designing & Programming